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Taco Bells Adds Chipotle Ranch Chicken and Chili Cheese Fries-Stuffed Mini Burritos

January 22, 2014 // 4:42 pm

Adding to their entourage of mini burritos — sorry, I mean Loaded Grillers — Taco Bell’s latest items feature the  Chipotle Ranch Chicken and Chili Cheese Fries loaded grillers. The duo was first spotted being tested back in November for 79 cents each and will join their brethren, the…

Taco Bell Unveils New 99 Cent Wings, Skins & Beefy Nacho Stuffed ‘Loaded Grillers’

December 19, 2012 // 2:13 pm

Taco Bell’s new Loaded Grillers are packed with your choice of either buffalo wings, potato skins or beefy nachos. It’s a drunken frat boys dream and at 99 cents for a limited-time only starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 20th, it’ll be a nationwide reality.

Accompanying the release of the Loaded…