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Chocolate Tequila Sauce Will Get You Dessert Drunk

July 29, 2014 // 11:36 am

Thanks to the genius minds over at Dude, Sweet Chocolate, it’s now possible to get tipsy off chocolate sauce. Ohh baby.

One Night Stand Potion is a sweet mixture of 100 Anos Reposado tequilla, Valrohna cocoa powder, South American chocolate and agave. It’s like a dangerously delicious…

Glazed Donut Pie

July 28, 2014 // 4:36 pm

Recipe: the domestic rebel

Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Cafe Opens in Japan, Explodes with Cuteness

July 23, 2014 // 11:57 am

Really surprised no one thought of this sooner. Turns out Japan is the home of the brand-new Pokemon restaurant called the Pikachu Cafe. Located in downtown Tokyo, the Pokemon-inspired eatery recently opened, driving fans of the 20-year-old franchise through the doors.

The Pikachu Cafe is decked out with tons…

This Greek Restaurant is Now Selling a Baklava Milkshake, and It’s Heavenly

July 21, 2014 // 1:24 pm

As long as your dairy tolerance is up, it’s fair to say you’ve had a milkshake before. If your ethnic eat food is up, you’ve likely enjoyed a philo dough and syrup-laden baklava dessert. Yet, before yesterday’s drive back from Las Vegas and pit-stopping at the California-Nevada state line’s Mad Greek

How to Make Cake Batter Rice Pudding

July 20, 2014 // 11:44 pm

Do you know what there’s not enough of in the world (and, in my opinion, never will be)? Cake batter flavored things. So I decided to add one more to the mix: Cake Batter Rice Pudding. It’s just rice pudding (which is surprisingly easy to make if you’ve already got…

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