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Burger King Serving Creamy Orange PooPoo Smoothie — Yes Really

April 15, 2014 // 1:19 pm

Gotta love your unfortunate translations. Out in China, Burger King is now offering a nice, bright orange smoothie for summer, whose Chinese name means something like “mango ice smoothie with blow up pearls cold beverage.” In English though, it’s just “PooPoo.”

Coming from a place that thinks

How a Genius Used a First Class Ticket to Eat Free Airline Food for a Year

January 28, 2014 // 5:05 pm

Unless you really like security checkpoints and planes, an airport isn’t exactly a place we find much joy or utility, but not for one clever guy. You’ll be surprised after you read this story about how this guy totally hacked the airport system.

A Chinese…

McDonald’s China Unleashes Red Sausage Pork Burger and Chestnut Chicken Shrimp Burger

January 21, 2014 // 11:11 am

In celebration of Chinese New Year, McDonald’s is releasing two very unique burgers to their locations in China.  The new additions will be the Red Sausage Pork Burger and the Chestnut Grilled Chicken with Shrimp Sandwich. Both sandwiches are only available for a limited time through Feb. 11.


Three-Penis Liquor Contains Dog, Deer and Seal Dick

December 26, 2013 // 11:15 am

Ever feel like you’ve blown through practically every cocktail you can think of and drinking has lost its luster? (Ha! Just kidding, that’s impossible.) Well, I’ve got three words or you. Or more specifically: Three Penises. Although it looks like every other bottle in a supermarket liquor aisle, this bottle…

Apparently, this Wine Contains Drowned Baby Mice

December 3, 2013 // 3:41 pm

So, some weird things have been put forward in the name of health.  Everybody has a friend with a wacky hangover cure that involves raw eggs and orange juice, or a parent who practically shoves weird family cures down your throat every time you get sick. And of course,…

Bottle of Yogurt Explodes, 58-Year-Old Man May Suffer Loss of Eyesight

November 1, 2013 // 5:25 pm

You thought you were safe, and doing something good for your body, but then… you opened that confounded yogurt drink.

A 58-year-old man in China was opening a bottle of yogurt when he heard a hissing noise that sounded like escaping gas. Though he tried to move…

Restaurants in China Might Be Spiking Your Food with Opiates

October 18, 2013 // 10:45 am

According to a report by the FDA in Guangzhou Province, which checked 70 restaurants last year, two restaurants in China were caught using marinade sachets containing poppy powder – a derivative of highly addictive opium.

The inspectors carefully examined soup bases, chili sauce, brine, curry sauce, and hot pot base. Testing

Science Says Sprite May Be the New Hangover Cure

October 14, 2013 // 10:25 am

According to a study published in the September 2013 issue of Food and Function, Sprite can help cure those wicked hangovers. After testing over fifty beverages ranging from herbal teas to various other carbonated drinks, Chinese researchers found that the results pointed to the lemon-lime pop as an effective means…

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