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Starbucks South Korea Fizzio Sodas Come With Flavored Jellies, U.S. Jealous as Usual

August 9, 2014 // 9:55 am

Starbucks new Fizzio soda line hit U.S. locations earlier this summer, but while we’ve been fawning over fancy flavors like Spiced Root Beer, South Korea has been sipping on a more exotic assortment complete with flavored jellies.

Brand Eating describes the South Korea Fizzio Flavors in detail:

Lemon Ginger

This Cooler Comes with a Built-In Blender and a Bluetooth Stereo

July 17, 2014 // 11:55 am

There’s a million coolers in the world that pretty much do what they need to so your drinks stay cool. Then there’s the Coolest Cooler, which is probably one of, if not the most, lavish cooler designs in the history of mankind. That’s probably why it’s winning the internet…

New Pepsi Spire Will Customize More than 1,000 Different Soda Flavors

May 28, 2014 // 5:45 am

We’ve all seen that wondrous Coca Cola Freestyle machine that’s been popping up in theaters. The soda fountain gives you the option of customizing your own soda through a multitude of different combinations. Now, it looks like Pepsi is ready to get into the game with their own version…

Starbucks to Serve Made-to-Order Sodas, Including Ginger Ale and Chai Root Beer

May 23, 2014 // 1:04 pm

In preparation for the hottest months of the year, Starbucks announced plans to begin serving carbonated sodas this summer. The new drinks will be named Fizzio after the machine used to carbonate them. Each soda is made to order using natural ingredients that contain no preservatives, high fructose corn…

Pepsi Just Pranked a UK Bus Stop with Giant Robots, UFOs, Mutants and Tigers [VIDEO]

March 26, 2014 // 11:50 am

If you’re late for work, the last thing you’d want to see is a giant robot attacking the city. Okay, maybe that might exactly you want to see in that case. Said robot, and a few other ridiculously terrifying simulations were just what a group of Londoners saw when…

TruMoo Fuses Chocolate Milk and Marshmallows into One Drink

February 11, 2014 // 12:05 pm

There’s not much you can add to a nice cup of hot chocolate that’ll make it better, save those white fluffy pieces of heaven called marshmallows. However, it can definitely be a hassle drinking piping hot chocolate in a thermos, on your way to work, with the marshmallows jamming the…

Mother and Son Create Wine Condoms to Replace Corks

January 21, 2014 // 1:11 pm

It sucks having to re-cork a bottle of wine only to not have it fit properly in your fridge. Maybe sometimes that cork just won’t agree with you and after a long tussle, you can often end up with some pretty sticky hands. If only there was some form…

80 Drinks from 80 Countries, from Coca Cola to Soju [Infographic]

December 10, 2013 // 12:02 pm

What you order at a bar can say a lot about you. Depending where you live in the world, you may order something a wee bit different than your neighbor in say, the Netherlands. But let’s face it, whether it’s wine, rum, vodka, or whiskey, we are a…

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