So Apparently, We've Been Eating Cupcakes All Wrong

Apparently there's a proper way to eat a cupcake.

Ever since our exploitation of the hidden properties of a Ketchup Cup, followed by the discovery of proper Tic Tac container usage, we've been inundated with e-mails regarding other things in life we are also doing wrong. One of those things? The cupcake.

I know, I know, don't tell me how to eat a f-ckin' cupcake -- I said the same thing to our content director Geoff when he started telling me about a cupcake-eating-tactic he picked up from some friends, who had picked it up from various corners of the Internet. I've been haphazardly eating cupcakes through my nostrils for years, and I'm just now hearing about a way to properly eat them?!

Apparently, there is a maneuver that should completely eradicate any of the awkward eating techniques traditionally involved with eating a cupcake. The proper way conveniently offers up the ability to enjoy a cupcake without getting frosting on your face and consequently a proper frosting-to-cake ratio in every bite. How?

Use a couple of your firm fingers, twist off a bottom portion of the cake, and tack it on top of the frosting to make a sandwich. No frosty mess, no bites without frosting, all things good. Here you go: