New Foodmento App is Basically Yelp Mixed With Instagram

August 23, 2014 // 1:55 pm

Another day, another food app to distract diners from enjoying a hot meal. The latest smartphone app to hit the market, Foodmento, is described as “a hybrid between Foursquare/Yelp and the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram”. Confused? Let us elaborate.

Basically, this app can be used to search for…

This App Tells You When Your Groceries Are Expiring

August 19, 2014 // 3:50 pm

Sometimes it can be tough keeping track of all the stuff in your fridge. You’ve have no clue when you bought those mangoes and those tomatoes have been hiding in the back of the veggie crisper since last year’s 4th of July party. Either start throwing out the unquestionables,…

You Can Now Order Pizza with a Literal Push of a Button

August 12, 2014 // 5:45 pm

Sometimes you just want a pizza, but you don’t want to go through the process of ordering it. Sure Seamless is easy, sure your favorite joint down the street knows your order by heart, but your computer is far away, and you don’t feel like leaving the…

Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle Sets to Roadtrip Across United States, Smells Like Bacon

August 12, 2014 // 11:40 am

Somewhere around the 5 millionth bacon-inspired dish, people stopped caring as much about the salty, fried pork treat. So where do all the unused bacon ideas go? They’re probably going to fuel this motorcycle that runs on bacon. No longer is a bacon-powered vehicle a fantasy that could only…

This Gadget Charges your Electronic Devices While Boiling Water

August 5, 2014 // 3:25 pm


Roughing it in the woods is tough when you’re addicted to your mobile device. The whole time you’re just counting down your battery, figuring out what apps to close, and writing out that last Instagram caption before your battery dies down. You think about it so much, you…

This Bluetooth Ingredient Dispenser Could Make Your Measuring Cups Extinct

July 31, 2014 // 10:53 am

If you thought the spray can cake batter was crazy, a Kickstarter campaign was just launched for a device that not only stores ingredients in a canister, but dispenses them in perfect measurements.

That means you could put away your measuring spoons and cups and just let…

3D Printer Uses Mayo to Create Burger Selfies

July 29, 2014 // 2:54 pm

Hellmann’s, a mayonnaise brand, recently launched a campaign for their products. The company posed the question: What if your burgers were a blank canvas? Setting out to answer that burning question, the brand used a 3D printer nestled inside a burger truck. The truck took photos of customers via…

This Machine Recycles Bottles and Feeds Stray Animals at the Same Time

July 25, 2014 // 10:56 am

Istanbul, Turkey is home to about 150,000 stray cats and dogs among its 14 million citizens. With such a high number of animals roaming the streets, the government has tried to come up with ways to relieve the issue, including stray banishment from the city. But Turkish company

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