Most of us have tried a protein-style burger at some point in our lives, whether it's part of a regular diet, or a fit-into-your-tux situation where you end up hating yourself or a month. Regardless, it's just a burger with extra lettuce as a replacement for buns. At least that's what we thought, until Fatburger came up with their own.

The chain is offering protein-style burgers that are made with beef patties instead of lettuce. So a beefier Double Down? It's made with the staple Fatburger toppings: cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes. Customers can also add the optional choices like fried eggs, bacon chili, mushrooms and guacamole.

A small protein burger goes for $4.50, a medium (made with larger patties) is $5.50 and $7.50 for a large. Depending how hungry you are, you can also add as many patties as your heart desires can handle, provided you're alright with the extra fee.

H/T LA Times Picthx David E. Clevenger

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