A ‘Milky Bun’ is What Happens When a Warm Donut is Stuffed with Cool Ice Cream


Don’t you dare call it an ice cream sandwich.

The latest dessert to take the pastry game comes from Orange County-based ice cream shop Afters, a collaboration between clothing industry veterans Andy Nguyen (CEO of IM King) and Scott Nghiem (Owner of Thorocraft footwear). Named the “Milky Bun,” the doughy confection features a slick twist on the classic filled donut and stuffs a thick glazed bun with your ice cream of choice.

The process of making one of these involves four key steps: choose ice cream, fill, seal, and eat. The shop uses a waffle-iron like press to seal the bun and what you end up getting is a phenomenal contrast of warm, dense sweetness and cool, creamy flavor.

The ice cream line-up on deck is impressive, with everything from chunky Cookie Monster to Mint Chocolate (pictured below) to Jasmine Milk Tea. In the words of Marc K, say hello to the “Jelly Donut Killer.”

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Here are some photos that Rudy scooped:

Mint chocolate chip filling, extra chips, caramel drizzle, chocolate and whipped cream.

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Also, milk and cereal-flavored ice cream with hand crafted and sweetened corn flakes.


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  • Adrian

    It just needs to be battered up and deep fried to be American

  • Pestilence and Famine

    wow. i think i’m hoppin on a plane tomorrow to fly to cali to try that….

  • Cynthia Shouse

    wow, way to steal a traditional Japanese dish. Don’t try to claim it for yourselves, Afters. If you need a link to the ACTUAL ORIGINAL recipe, it’s right here, for all to see:


  • Danny

    Dorayaki are traditional. Stuffing them with ice cream is new. These people didn’t steal anything. Also Dorayaki are essentially pancakes. These people are using donuts. Should the Japanese be cited any time we sandwich ice cream inside some type of sweet bread or pastry?