Spray-On Caffeine, Because Osmosis B*tch

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Anyone who's ever hate-chugged black coffee to stay awake has prayed for a simpler and more bladder-friendly way to ingest large quantities of caffeine. Luckily, we live in an age when every passionate 4 a.m. prayer for innovation is easily answered by a simple Indiegogo search. . . and that's where the "Sprayable Energy" caffeine spray comes in. The brand-new invention comes courtesy of Ben Yu and Devin Soni, who have invented a way to get that coveted caffeine rush without dropping a single dime on Starbucks.

The "Sprayable Energy" is administered through a couple of quick sprays to the neck (or the wrists, chest, or anywhere you might spray a fragrance) and takes about two to four minutes to take effect. Because the caffeine spray doesn't have to go through the liver in order to be fully absorbed by the body, it's faster and more effective than drinking coffee, plus it completely eliminates coffee breath and that ick-nasty aftertaste.

I'll be completely honest: I hate coffee. I hate coffee a lot. Like if I had to choose between drinking a cup of black coffee and plunging my hands into a vat of boiling camel piss, the decision would probably take me awhile. But I'm also a college student with finals and deadlines, which means I've spent more than a few all-nighters pounding down espresso shots while hating my life and begging the caffeine gods for a better solution. This whole "Sprayable Energy" thing sounds pretty much perfect to me, and I'm going to keep a close eye on this stuff as it waits to be approved by the FDA. If it's cleared, distribution will start at the end of October at $15 a bottle.


H/T + PicThx HuffPo