Fowl Play: Someone BBQ'd the Queen of England's Pet Swan


Somewhere, deep in the heart of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II is getting ready to cut a bitch. You probably would too, if some random Brit had stolen your pet swan, thrown it on a grill with some barbecue sauce, and then dumped the charred leftovers on your castle's front lawn. That's exactly what happened to the Queen earlier this week, when the remnants of one of Her Royal Highness's two hundred pet swans was discovered on Baths Island (just a hop and a skip away from Windsor Castle). According to Wendy Herman, a representative for Swan Life line, the bird had "definitely been barbecued" — no word on whether it was accompanied by a jar of Hickory BBQ.


Fun fact: up until the late 90's, it was an act of treason to kill or injure a swan in Great Britain, because the birds were reserved for the dinner tables of the nobility. And Britain has a long history of hanging, drawing, and quartering those convicted of treason (tasty, tasty treason.) Nowadays, killing or injuring swans is considered illegal but not treasonous . . . but that doesn't mean that roasting the Queen's prize birdies is a good idea. She's the one with the keys to the Tower of London, after all.


H/T Gawker + PicThx Telegraph