This OC Deli Roasts Meat For 5.5 Hours—And That’s Not Even The Best Part

TOWER 48 Newport Beach is Here to Satisfy Your Sandwich Cravings

Written By: Chelsea Raineri of Locale Magazine


Newport Beach has blessed its residents with three things: great weather, gorgeous beaches and, most importantly, an array of palate-pleasing restaurants. To add to the mix, restaurateur Andrew Dorsey, owner of SOCIAL Costa Mesa, has teamed up with the co-founder of Chronic Tacos, Dan Biello, to create the best collab since Cardi B and Bruno Mars. TOWER 48 Newport Beach opened its doors April 28 for patrons to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. “There’s a real need for sandwiches down there, and I’ve always wanted to have another concept by the beach,” Dorsey said. “I’m most excited to see if it works how we planned it.”

A modern beach deli, this Instagrammable spot will have you snapping photos while you munch on items like their Tower Fries loaded with bacon jam, melted American cheese, pickled red fresnos and crema. The menu will also include a variety of craft sandwiches including an Italian with nine ounces of meat. "Most places only give two to three ounces, but we're giving nine and using quality ingredients," Executive Chef Jose Rubio said. 


The best part? “We’re highlighting some of the dishes we do at SOCIAL in a more takeaway type of atmosphere,” Dorsey explained. You read that right! You’ll be able to take some of your favorite dishes from SOCIAL Costa Mesa, like the Brussels sprouts or avocado toast, to the beach! Not to mention, the menu is organic, when possible, and uses locally-sourced produce and meat.

Taking over the location where Chicago Bikes used to stand, TOWER 48 Newport Beach sports a large, blue neon sign that reads, “Best Buns on the Beach.” And based on how hungry we are from their menu, we’re betting they’ll have just that.


Native Knowledge: Soon, you’ll be able to order TOWER 48 Newport Beach’s menu items to your door with apps like Postmates!

4525 W Coast Hwy

Newport Beach, CA 92663