'Avocado Ale,' Because Avocados Are F**kin Delicious


We all know that eating a tub of guacamole while drinking some quality beer is a pretty solid recipe for personal happiness, but most people probably wouldn't chuck avocados directly into their IPA. Then again, most people aren't Dieter Forstner, the brewmaster for the Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery.

Forstner created an "Avocado Ale" that uses exclusively Californian avocados (along with cilantro and a few other guacamole-themed ingredients) to create a uniquely Californian beer set to debut at the Avocado Festival on August 24. He's also responsible for Angel City Brewery's au jus-inspired "French Sip" brew as well as the brine-infused "Pickle Weisse."

We're always on board for beer innovation (even when it includes pickle brine) but mostly we're just excited that someone has finally created a beer and avocado hybrid beverage. Anything that lets us maximize our avocado and beer consumption simultaneously seems like an A+ idea to us.

Although everything we know about beer and avocados tells us that this stuff is delicious, if it's disgusting, no biggie. The tried-and-true "six pack and a tub of guac" method will always be there for us.