In Case You Missed It: Kazaam! Shaq Soda in a Can!


Personally, one look at Shaq's new line of soda cans (all of which feature his face in various stages of blissful excitement) is enough to improve my mood by approximately five million percent . . . but that could just be the sugar high talking.

Despite the fact that Shaq's signature soft drinks were originally pitched as a diet item, one 23.5 oz can of Soda Shaq contains 72 grams of sugar. That translates to roughly 17 teaspoons in each can, which hasn't made health-conscious consumer groups particularly happy with the 7-foot basketball superstar. The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a press release pointing out Shaq's history of diabetes activism and calling his endorsement of a high-sugar soft drink "shameful hypocrisy, presumably motivated by money."

And here I thought Shaq was slapping his smile all over blueberry-flavored creme soda cans just to make me happy. Now I don't have anything to fall back on next time someone brings up the O'Neal/Bryant glory days. Thanks for nothing, Shaq.

Soda Shaq is available for purchase at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

H/T cspinet + PicThx Thrillist