These Crispy 5 Spice Chicken Wings Are INFUSED With Hidden Valley® Ranch

It may as well be a crime to serve chicken wings without ranch dressing. The veggie sticks come and go, but the ranch stays. Order chicken wings at any diner, dive bar, or bowling alley in America and you’ll more than likely find yourself face to face with a trusty side of ranch. That is, unless you’re going to Oakland’s Dragon Gate Bar & Grille where, in honor of the Coast 2 Coast Ranch tour, presented by Hidden Valley ® Ranch, they’ve created a Chinese-style chicken wing that’s pre-ranched, if you will, with ranch seasoning.


By using the new Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning shaker to add to their signature 5 spice blend, Dragon Gate is giving the traditional Chinese chicken wing an American spin.

Now you can enjoy those juicy, crispy wings dipped in ranch, elevated with even more ranch flavor. If you’re still feeling saucy, there’s a spicy Hidden Valley Original Restaurant Ranch sauce available for dipping.

Dragon Gate will be serving another ranch-themed dish during September, as well. Their Hidden Valley Ranch Cold Noodles feature egg noodles, julienned cucumber, carrots, tamago, green onions, sweet corn kernels, and shrimp. This lovely mix is then tossed in Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning and fish sauce to round out a winning fusion of flavors.


If either of these original, ranched-up dishes grab your palate’s attention, you can feast on them all September long, as the Hidden Valley Coast 2 Coast Ranch Tour runs its course. And, if you want more ranch in your life, check out for more locations on the tour.

Created in partnership with Hidden Valley Ranch.