Hannah Hart of 'My Drunk Kitchen' On Fame, Drunk Cooking & Her Inner Foodbeast


"I would like. . . that. Yes. No, I'm okay, I can carry it."

I'm on the phone with Hannah Hart, YouTube sensation and mastermind behind the comic webseries My Drunk Kitchen — and she's paused the interview so she can grab a few snacks. Hart has been a YouTube heavy hitter ever since March 2011, when she downed a bottle of wine, filmed herself making a grilled cheese sandwich for a friend, and uploaded the episode to YouTube. After two years, dozens of My Drunk Kitchen episodes, a spinoff advice vlog, and mentions in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and LA Weekly,  I was lucky enough to catch Hart for a phone interview on the South Carolina leg of her comedic travel show Hello, Harto! She finishes up her road snacks transaction, and we're talking business.

What would you say has been the weirdest thing about internet fame for you?

I suppose that it's happening at all? I didn't really ever see myself with a career in entertainment, so the fact that I have this entire life on YouTube creating shows and getting recognized going places and now I'm on tour around America [...] I'm in a constant state of shock, it's absolutely wild.

Have you ever met someone wearing a shirt with your face on it?

Yes I have.

Is that something that you sell?

Oh yeah, I sell a lot of stuff. I sell wine glasses, beer cozies, DVDs, shirts, all sorts of stuff. We're two years into My Drunk Kitchen so, once the demand is there you just supply.

And then you have people walking around with your shirt on their torsos, which is awesome.

And you have people calling being like wow, you drink a lot of alcohol. And then you're like, really?

How do you feel about all of the drunk kitchen tribute videos that have popped up since you began filming?


I think it's so sweet. I love it! I love my community, when people make parodies or tribute videos specifically about Drunk Kitchen, that's awesome. And when people make their own ideas that's awesome too.  I think it's a thing that people want to think that YouTube is a land grab and it's not. YouTubers are a rising lateral cloud. Every other YouTuber is a colleague of mine, they're not my competition.

As the internet's resident drunken chef, do you have any tips or tricks for our readers who want to do their own drunk cooking?

Yeah absolutely! As far as tips and tricks:

1) Always use a butter knife, never use a real knife.

2) Cook in good company.

3) Don't be afraid of a little experimentation, you might learn something new about yourself or the world around you.

4) Also cheese. Add cheese to everything.


That's interesting, [because] in the first episode of My Drunk Kitchen you left the cheese out of the grilled cheese sandwich. . . how did that decision happen? 

It was so upsetting! You have no idea what a truly disappointing moment that was. I was so excited. So excited. But you know, I had sourdough hot bread. . . some call it toast, it wasn't really toast. It was hot bread.

Could you do me a favor and describe your inner Foodbeast?

That's a good one. My inner Foodbeast is like a fancy mouse and it likes to wear a little fez and talk with its friends and eat fried cheeses, or any cheeses really. All the time.

Anything you want to say to Foodbeast readers?

Tell them that they should check out Hello, Harto! and My Drunk Kitchen and if they like it they are welcome to join my happy internet family!

Check out Hannah's My Drunk Kitchen episodes here, Hello, Harto! episodes here, and her homepage here.