This 'Fast Food Knife' Is Forged Using Beer, Bacon, And Fries [WATCH]

This knife is probably the most American knife ever made. You know that because it was forged using three food items that Americans love: beer, bacon, and French fries.

This badass concept was smithed by Steve Calvert from Green Beetle, who regular makes zany knife creations on YouTube and described the knife to Foodbeast as "part science, part fun."

Making a knife with beer, bacon, and fries must've been hard, but Steve found a way to make it possible.


Before utilizing any of the food ingredients, he made sure that the knife wouldn't give users heartburn by "carburizing," or hardening the blade with Tums.

Then began the actual incorporation of the food ingredients. During the heating and cooling of the metal needed to temper and set the knife, Calvert chose to dunk the steel knife in beer in what can only be described as a nuclear symphony.

Photo courtesy of Steve Calvert (Green Beetle)


The bacon and French fries were coated with resin and carefully set into the hilt of the knife before attaching the blade — and thus, the "Fast Food Knife" was born.

It was an intensive process that took several days, but resulted in the most patriotic knife ever constructed since Paul Revere was a silversmith.

The knife is as functional as it is gimmicky, with Calvert demonstrating it cutting through paper and fast food with extreme ease. It's definitely an eye-turning knife, and although it's not likely to be mass-produced, it's an interesting blade to add to Calvert's growing collection of custom-made knives.

I personally feel that it's deserving of a place in the Smithsonian.

Featured Image provided courtesy of Steve Calvert (Green Beetle).