7 Chicken Drumstick Recipes That Deliver Big Flavor On A Budget

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They’re always tasty and easy to make. But if you’re a bit bored of cooking them in your usual way, here are plenty of chicken drumsticks recipes to make for new flavors, but same tenderness of the meat. 

Ever since I was little, this has been my favorite type of meat (beyond bacon, mind you) to eat. The reasons are almost infinite, but I will mention a few of them: the tenderness of the meat, the amazing flavor, the possibilities for adding herbs and spices and marinades and dry rubs and so many other things to them. Oh, and the ease for the cooking process as well. Here are some extra, unfussy chicken drumstick recipes so that you can enjoy this delicious food item in multiple ways.

7 chicken drumsticks recipes to try

Could you say no to low-carb richly flavored drumsticks? Cook them in one pot over low heat and all the aromas will blend irresistibly. We’re talking here about juicy tomatoes, smoky onion, and a whole array of spices and herbs, from marjoram and ginger through to turmeric and cumin.


For this dish, we cooked the drumsticks in a saucepan together with the mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, and garlic, but only after coating them with flour, salt and pepper and frying them in vegetable oil. We flavored the veggie mix with some white wine, parsley, thyme, and oregano. It is easy-peasy.

Welcome to the delicious no-brainer that is grilled chicken drumsticks. With only one caveat: you’ll have to be patient overnight while it marinates. And boy, do they marinate! The hot and sharp lemony garlic mixture is worth the wait.


Chicken drumsticks are a classic crowd-pleaser, but this shouldn’t deter you from trying to make them even fancier. Flavor the drumsticks by marinating them in an olive oil mixture of sharp lemon juice and lime zest assorted with savory parsley and bittersweet cumin.

Are you searching for a good protein combo? Then these chicken drumsticks may be the tasty answer you need! Not to mention, it won’t add that much time to the cooking time of the overall meal.

Fried chicken is undoubtedly one of our guilty pleasures. Here’s how we think it should be done. First marinate the chicken in yogurt, to make the meat as tender as possible. Then coat it with a mix of flour and spices, which adds both crispness and extra flavor. The next thing you need to do is find a good sauce, and we think this chili sauce is a perfect idea for this recipe!


Everything tastes better with some butter on top, especially drumsticks. Make these chicken drumsticks on a bed of crunchy sweet corn, heavy cream, and mozzarella and we guarantee you won’t regret the culinary excess. It’s that good!

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