Food Truck Hands Out Free Hot Dogs in Honor of Anthony Weiner's Trouser Monster


Nothing says "American sex scandal" like a truck full of free wieners, right? Especially when said sausages are named after a certain politician who just can't manage to keep pictures of his trouser monster to himself. And by "trouser monster" we mean wiener. And by "wiener" we mean Anthony Weiner, the sext-happy former Congressman who's landed in hot water (again) for exchanging explicit text messages with a few people that are definitely not Mrs. Weiner.

Luckily for all of us, this is America. Land of the free hot dogs, home of the brave street vendors driving a "Weiner Truck" up and down the streets of Manhattan to capitalize on the latest sexting scandal. Manhattan-based marketing company Good Days rigged up a special van emblazoned with Weiner's picture and a few choice references to his sexting history, filled it with hot dogs, and started handing out hot dogs to passersby for exactly $0. Since Good Days denies being affiliated with any particular campaign, we're gonna go ahead and take this as a kind gesture that comes straight from the wiener heart.


Sadly, the Weiner Mobile isn't going to solve world hunger any time soon — the crotch-centered stunt started and ended on Wednesday.

H/T + PicTnx HuffPo