Blue Moon's Creator Is Now Developing The First Ever THC-Infused Beers

With cannabis-infused foods on the rise in the U.S., it was only a matter of time before a big name jumped into the field. The man who created Blue Moon for Coors Brewing Co. is officially getting into the marijuana business with THC-infused beers.


Keith Villa, who retired from Coors a couple of months ago, is working on making beer that actually gets you high.

According to Forbes, federal regulations prevent the combination of psychoactives and booze in the same product, but Villa is getting around that by taking the alcohol out of his beer and replacing it with THC, meaning you could still get a buzz, minus the hangover.


Villa's new company, CERIA Beverages, aims to create these THC-infused beers in amounts proportional to a brew's typical alcohol content. If an ale has 4-4.5% alcohol, for example, CERIA's version would replace that with a comparable amount of THC. The company is working with ebbu to translate alcohol contents into THC dosages.

CERIA would then make the initial booze and distribute it to dispensaries, who would then add the THC in pre-determined amounts before selling to consumers. This allows the dispensaries to customize which strains go into the beer, making for custom psychoactive and relaxation experiences each time you sip on one of these.

If you're interested in trying this non-alcoholic, psychoactive beer, you won't need to wait long. CERIA plans to be on store shelves by this fall in Colorado, and is looking to spread to other states where marijuana is legal, soon.