Arby's Permanently Adds 'Mediterranean Tacos' To Their Meaty Menu


After watching WWE's Monday Night Raw last night, I was knocking out and wrote down a note on my phone that said, "Arby's Mediterranean Tacos." When I woke up this morning, I realized I fell asleep while watching an Arby's commercial and was stoked to read that they have  something called "Mediterranean Tacos."

Upon further research, turns out that Arby's commercial juked me and they're just gyros, but they are being added to the menu, permanently, according to Brand Eating.

The gyros come with our choice of either sliced roast beef, or turkey slices, with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, a Greek seasoning, and taziki sauce, all stuffed inside pita bread.


Arby's introduced its Gyros back in 2014, as they became the largest fast food chain to carry the pita-wrapped Mediterranean favorite. Now, they'll be a permanent fixture, with a limited time special offer of 2 gyros for $6.

Here's the sneaky commercial that got me excited for tacos: