Frequently Asked Questions

I have an issue, who can I contact?

Already?! We got you! Please send an email to and we can help you out.

What does “AYCE” stand for?

All-You-Can-Eat (and drink!)

Do I need to buy tickets for my children?

Our events are geared towards an adult audience, however if your children are 5 and under and roll in on a stroller, they don’t need a ticket. Do not ask for a discount on your All-You-Can-Eat Section ticket if you don’t drink, you will enjoy it on food alone.

What does my Marketplace Section ticket include?

Marketplace Section ticket allows you to purchase from Marketplace Section vendors, as well as all the festivities inside the Esports Arena.

What does my All-You-Can-Eat Section ticket include?

All-You-Can-Eat Section tickets allow you to try everything for three hours from AYCE Section vendors. The AYCE Ticket option also allows you complimentary access to Marketplace Section, however you must pay for items from those vendors.

What if I want to try an AYCE Section vendor but I have a Marketplace Section ticket?

If AYCE Section tickets are still available while you read this, buy one -- you will need an AYCE Section Ticket there.

What if I want to try a Marketplace Section vendor but I have an AYCE Section ticket?

You’re good, you just have to purchase it like you would any other Marketplace Section Ticket holder.

I don’t really feel like going anymore, can I get a refund?

No -- please do not purchase tickets unless you really want to come.

Can I bring my dog, cat, lizard or other animal?

Unless your dog, cat or lizard is legally or medically there to help you, animals are not allowed in the festival.

How will I receive my tickets?

Once purchased, your tickets will be emailed to you. These tickets will be scanned at the door.

I have a restaurant / catering business / food truck, can I be a vendor?!

Yes! Please go here ( ) to apply!

I want to be a sponsor of Noods Noods Noods?

You may email with your brand, please use subject NOODS OAKLAND SPONSOR for quick turnaround.

I’m an influencer and/or press, and can prove it, can I get a press pass?

You may email with PRESS in the subject, and we will forward your inquiry to the Noodle Powers that be.

Foodbeast should donate to charity with this event!

That’s not a question -- but hey! A portion of every ticket sale goes to support Inspire Artistic Minds. This is a 501(x)3 charitable organization that provides scholarships to people in the hospitality industry, to attend events or experiences that will inspire them.

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