I Can't Even: Southern Comfort Now Has a Gingerbread Spice Flavor


Starting October 1st, Southern Comfort will be unveiling its latest whiskey-adjacent liqueur flavor in the form of a limited time Gingerbread Spice.

The instructions on the bottle that got sent to us reads that it's best served warm so we 'waved a couple mugs full of and passed them around the office for an early Friday weekend boozefest. Instructions were right -- serve this warm and get all the aromatic notes they promise. A blend of baked sweet rolls, brown spices and vanilla hints will definitely sting your nose on first couple sips.

15% ABV is definitely a bit on the lighter side, but the sweetness will catch up with you soon enough and have you bouncing off the holiday-themed walls.


This SoCo might be my best friend at the holiday company party.


Photo cred: Peter Pham