All McDonald's to Start Accepting Payments Through Your Phone


Since taking out your wallet to pay is starting to feel like a primitive action, McDonald's is going to make it so you can jump on your phone, and voila! Your meal is paid for.


The Drum reported that an internal memo was sent to McDonald's employees, stating that September 15, all McDonald's will be compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC is a fancy way of saying they're rolling out an app so you can order and pay with your phone.

It's not exactly like OpenTable's online payment app, it's more like the contactless system used by credit cards such as MasterCard, where their PayPass method allows you to wave your credit card by the store's NFC compatible device to make the payment. McDonald's customers will be able to automatically connect with the compatible device at the counter, open up the app and pay for your delectable cheeseburger like a boss.


In an attempt to appeal to younger customers, McDonald's is getting super hip and calling it the "McD" app. On the McD app, you will be able to access coupons while in-store. The coupons will only work for 2 minutes while in the McDonald's, so you'll have to hurry and show it to the cashier before it disappears forever.

Sounds like a cool alternative, but let us know when we can pay for our orders telepathically and completely cut out the middleman.