This Burger Has an Entire Cajun Meal in a Single Bite


Burger 21 is a fast-casual burger restaurant scattered throughout the Midwest and East Coast. The chain specializes in crafted burgers and milkshakes. The newest addition to their menu is a burger that incorporates the best parts of a Louisiana meal into its entirety. Yessir, a Bayou Burger.


The Bayou Burger features a patty combining homemade andouille sausage and ground turkey. Andouille sausage is a type of smoked French sausage that consists of onions, peppers, wine and pork. The burger is topped with seasoned blackened shrimp and a spicy cajun coleslaw. It's also dressed with remoulade and Sriracha.

The chain has been around since 2010, with it's first location in Florida. Since, they've opened a handful of restaurants throughout the US. Kind of makes us wish there was one a little closer to home. Though if we're going to the East Coast, might as well give authentic Cajun food a go too.