The Deep-Fried Spaghetti Dog on a Stick


Nick from Dude Foods has a gift for making us envious of his mouth-watering creations. It's like this guy wakes up and has epiphanies that inspire him to make macaroni cheeseburgers and Doritos-crusted bacon.

This time he busted out the ol' fryer and made a Deep Fried Spaghetti Dog on a stick.


The name says it all, as he basically shoved a stick through a grilled Italian sausage and wrapped it in cooked spaghetti. He battered it in flour, egg and Italian breadcrumbs, then put it in a deep fryer (Oil at 375 degrees) for about 45 seconds.

The end result is what we would imagine an Italian corn dog would look like, as he fried it until it was golden brown and dipped it in marinara sauce.

Nick then hinted at possibly wrapping the sausage in mozzarella cheese next time, then layering it with spaghetti for a Cheesy Deep Fried Spaghetti Dog. We can only assume that would be artery-cloggingly delicious as well.