Dominique Ansel Continues the Pastry-Sanity With Peanut Butter Pretzel Lobster Tails


Ever since Cronuts first put him on the map last summer, Dominique Ansel has assaulted the food world with a barrage of modest innovations, from the waffogato to cookie milk shots to ice cream sundaes in a can. None as inspired as the Cronut, of course, but all pretty cool nonetheless.

For his latest endeavor, the Ans-man is putting a new, ahem, twist on lobster tails, by turning them into peanut butter-stuffed pretzels. Served warm with a whipped honey brown butter dip, the lobstzel pretzster Pretzel Lobster Tails are also filled with butter crunch brittle and sprinkled with sea salt to further sell the charade.


Folks on Instagram are saying they kind of look like penises. Either way, we'll gladly deep throat at least five.