Caviar, Reindeer Jerky, and 18 More Insane Movie Theatre Snacks From Around the World


It's easy to understand that not everyone in the world kicks back to Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes with a bag of popcorn and tray of soggy nachos. But red wine? Beluga caviar? Do other countries even need Netflix when their movie theaters are stocked with so much insane grub?

The following infographic by Lemonly highlights some of the quirkier nosh from international cinemas, from the mildly tweaked, like Tom Yum (sour soup)-flavored popcorn in Thailand, to the downright Fear Factor-y, like Colombia's fried ants.


Which isn't to say our own state theaters aren't upping the luxe with cushy arm chairs and movie-themed cocktails. Just, you know, for $14 an average ticket these days, a pork dumpling every once in a while wouldn't hurt.