A Look at The Extraordinary Penis-Themed Restaurant in South Korea [NSFW]


The Deulmusae restaurant, located in the city of Pocheon of South Korea, may have more than just a penis or two on their mind. In fact, they have hundreds. The phallic-themed restaurant incorporates the use of penises in almost every aspect of the establishment, save the food (thank goodness).

Deulmusae opened in 1996, as any other restaurant. When a buddhist monk visited, however, he mentioned that the place had too much female cold energy around it. Taking his suggestion to heart, the owner effectively littered the establishment with male genitalia.


The restaurant features sculptures, ceramic ware, wall art and wooden carvings all dedicated to the male organ and even a few plates with female naughty bits. A majority of the penis sculptures are even made at the restaurant itself and can be purchased at their gift shop.



When one can get over the overwhelming amount of penises thrown at them, the restaurant also serves food. Dishes like fried fish cutlet, Korean hamburger meat, korean seafood pancakes and corn soup. The restaurant can be found at the end of a road with phallic statues leading the way. Patrons can spot it by a penis-shaped chimney/oven with smoke coming out the pipe.


I'm not making this up.