Japan Creates Next-Level French Cruller Burgers... Made with Chorizo


Japan is definitely a winner for some of the craziest burger and food combos we’ve seen. But this one might take the cake, or cruller, simply because of how novel it looks.


Japanese chain Mos Burger, is now offering a French Cruller burger, as in, a burger on a bun made of a cruller doughnut. Oh, but there’s actually no burger, just a giant coiled chorizo sausage instead. So it’s really a sausage/doughnut sandwich, that also happens to come with spicy chili, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

Sweet buns and savory burgers certainly aren't new, especially as doughnut burgers grow in popularity. But something about this one just feels a little… off. Maybe it’s the perfect coil of sausage, maybe it’s the fact that there’s no burger, or maybe this is just one weird Japanese food creation we can’t get behind.

So would you eat this cruller and coiled sausage creation? Or are you sticking with the old fashioned doughnut cheeseburger?

H/T Brand Eating, Picthx Mosdo