Fart App Lets You Know Which Foods Make You Gassy


Here's an idea that doesn't stink. Er, sort of.

In an effort to teach kids health/science stuff in a way that's more entertaining than staring at a textbook, ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has designed a new smartphone app centered entirely around farts. Because inquisitive minds want to know, Fart Code allows users to scan barcodes to discover whether foods will 1) give them gas and 2) how noxious that gas might be.

The Fart-O-Meter rates products from "stinky" to "toxic," provides a list of any gas-causing ingredients, and even generates what a potential fart might sound like — a sound you can then share via text message or social network. It's like how SnapChat might have looked if SnapChat were designed for 12 year old boys.


"It's difficult to talk to your kids about what they eat and how it impacts their bodies and minds and maybe this app will help start the conversation," app co-creator Chris Allick told Animal New York.

The app does seem to work only for products with barcodes though, so when it comes to that bacon-wrapped L.A. street dog, well, you're on you're own.