Pizza Hut Japan Teams Up With Candy Company to Create Caramel and Marshmallow Pizza

Caramel Pizza

Just when you thought there couldn't be a partnership stranger than Blake Shelton and Pizza Hut the chain goes and surprises everyone by teaming up with a candy company. Morinaga Milk Caramel and Pizza Hut Japan have collaborated to create a diabetes Caramel and Marshmallow Pizza.

Topped with mini colorful marshmallows, almond slivers, and a milk caramel sauce, the dessert pizza has a savory twist in the form of a cheddar cheese crust. It might sound super weird but sweet and savory isn't exactly a new concept. In America, apple pie is sometimes topped with cheddar cheese so a cheesy crust dessert pizza doesn't sound too crazy by comparison.


The new pizza is available for a limited time at Pizza Hut Japan from 5/29-6/30.

H/T Eater + PicThx Pizza Hut Japan