This LA Shop is Now Serving Glazed Waffle Donuts (Wownuts) with Sprinkles


From the same joint that was slinging copycat cronuts before the rest of Los Angeles caught on, DK donuts now serves Southern California's first waffle-donut. The inglorious hybrid is a slick swoop from the original Wownut originating from Waffles Cafe in Chicago.

We got to hand it to DK, they're quick on their game and their radar for upcoming pastry trends is on point. Like Chicago's offerings, DK's  version combines deep-fried indulgence with a healthy smothering of glaze and other toppings. The dough features a blend of donut dough and waffle batter that comes in original, red velvet, chocolate and ube -- a tasty purple yam found in Filipino desserts.



The dough blend gets poured into a waffle iron until it's crispy on the outside, then deep-fried. Patrons then pick from a line-up of icings -- cream cheese frosting, Hawaiian coconut glaze, etc -- and toppings -- rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, fresh strawberries, chopped pistachios, etc.

The LA wownuts will run you a reasonable $6.95 for a whole waffle. If you're not feeling up to the grandeur of waffle-donut goodness, you can try a mini version for $2....



or just a regular ol' ube donut to ease you in.