BRO: BugMuscle is a Protein Powder Made Entirely of Insects


MA! Where’s my protein? Oh, it’s over there, and full of bugs.  Yup. Bugs. As in, creepy crawlies, winged, skittering, tiny bugs, now in your mouth, giving you proteinz.

BugMuscle, the first protein powder made exclusively with bugs, claims to be the perfect post-workout snack. The Southern California start-up hopes to popularize the product as an insect-based protein supplement for mixed martial artists and bodybuilders. The powder is set to drop this fall and can be mixed into a protein shake or thrown on your eggs Benedict, for taste.


Creepiness aside, bugs are actually a great source of protein. Compared to beef, they have 15% more protein, pound for pound. The little critters also produce significantly less methane, require less work, and have less of a negative impact on the environment.

And honestly, you’ve probably already been ingesting bugs, though maybe without realizing it. The FDA’s established guidelines on how much bug juice can live in your processed foods is astonishingly high. So, what are you waiting for?