Move Over Coconut Water, Maple Water Lands on US Shelves


As of last week, US consumers can finally try the sweet sweet taste of pure maple water. Previously only available in Canada, NAPSI-certified (natural, authentic, pure, sterile, and integral) brands will be hitting US shelves -- specifically SEVA at select Whole Foods locations and WAHTA on

Maple water, for those picturing people chugging Aunt Jemima, is the clear fluid that naturally flows through maple trees and is about 98 percent water/ 2 percent sugar. The concentrated form of maple sap is what's boiled down to the sticky syrup we're familiar with; about 40 gallons of maple sap will give you one gallon of syrup for your pancakes.


You can use the maple water in cooking and baking, as it gives a subtle sweetness and light maple flavor. Plus, since it’s so similar to water, we bet you could freeze it into some pretty tasty ice cubes (tossed in a whiskey, anyone?)

Maple water is high in antioxidants, low in sugar, and 20 calories per serving. We wouldn't be surprised if maple water replaced coconut water as every "twenty something's" drink of choice.