This Camera is Shaped Like a Juice Box


High-tech cameras are going retro. Camera geeks can “go old school” with these toy cameras that look like little juice boxes. Because sometimes twenty-something hipsters want to pretend they’re small children too. Not creepy.

The Juice Box camera works like a Lomo or Diana camera (you know, the retro cameras a la Urban Outfitters).  It uses 35 mm film and comes in whatever “flavor” suits your mood. There are many different options, but they mostly fall into one of two themes: French cartoons or Ikea-inspired Swiss minimalism.



A fun part of the camera features a nifty on/off button.  You turn the “straw” at the top of the box to reveal the lens, turn it back to close the lens, and can lock the camera so you don’t take photos without film (or when the camera’s tossing around in your lunchbox).


So foodie photographers, would you trade in your Instagrams for a hidden juice box?

Juice Box Camera @Fuuvi