Hello Kitty Dolls Come to Singapore McDonald's, Overwhelming Pre-Orders Temper Kitty Riots


The residents of Singapore braced themselves for the launch of Hello Kitty plushies at Singapore McDonald's this week. About a decade and a half ago, the fast food chain released a similar promotion with the toys and were met with chaos.

Customers once again have the opportunity to buy limited-edition Hello Kitty plushies in a variety of different costumes. The choices include "Bad Badtz Maru," "PomPomPurin," and a few others I won't pretend I know. Of course, like every other Hello Kitty product, they're retail-friendly, aka adorable.


The result of the previous release of the toys in the early 2000s led to students ditching classes, adults skipping work, fistfights and damaged property. In hopes of maintaining even a shred of order, the chain implemented a a 4-dolls-per-customer policy. However, word has it that thanks to overwhelming pre-orders days before the launch, things were a lot calmer this year. Well, for now at least.

Picthx Singapore McDonald's