You'll Never Guess How Fast Food Chains Make So Much Money & More Unappetizing Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]


Many Americans grab fast food every day, and with so many cheap options, it can be hard to pass up. Still, there's a lot you might not know about your favorite 2 am pit stops like Taco Bell and McDonald's.

This infographic breaks it all down for us in an increasingly somber look at the important and sometimes shocking facts about the world's fast food giants. Ever wonder how fast food chains make so much money? Did you know White Castle was the original fast food chain? Or that the bacon used in a McGriddle is made from over 18 ingredients? Oh.

If you're curious as to what's actually in strawberry milkshake flavoring or how many health violations fast food chains have received, read on brave soul. Read on.


You can also pretend you didn't see this and continue enjoying that Whopper in bliss. If so, respect.

Fast Food Infographic