Attention: Disney World Now Serving Croissant Doughnuts A La Mode


As any Disney theme park vet knows, the best part of wandering around the Magic Kingdom isn't the rides. It isn't the characters. It isn't even the fireworks. No, it's all the amazing foods you get to eat in between — including, but not limited to, the new Croissant Doughnuts from Epcot in Florida. Now with ice cream, AHHHH.

According to Disney Food Blog, the Mouse hopped on the bandwagon back in December, when Epcot's Refreshment Port first introduced the fried treats for $4.49 each. Formed from croissant dough and tossed in cinnamon sugar, Disney's take seems a bit more churro than cro-donut, but is nevertheless "super buttery," a "little gummy," and a "wonderful blend of slightly salty-and-sweet," Disney Food Blog reports.



Now, for a little over a dollar more, Disney World guests can even get their Croissant Doughnuts with a nice heaping helping of vanilla soft serve — just the thing to help you conquer the treat in the middle of a Florida summer.

H/T + Picthx Disney Foods Blog