The Top-Rated Beer in the World is $3 and Comes in a Can


Many consider Heady Topper, a double IPA from the Alchemist brewing company, to be the unattainable Holy Grail. The beer is rarely found outside of Vermont, where it's brewed and sold in limited production. According to Beer Advocate, the unofficial last word on brews, Heady Topper ranks as the No. 1 beer in the world -- earning a BA score of 100 out of 6,082 ratings. The most surprising part, however, is that the elusive  DIPA has a retail price of just $3 per 16 oz can.

That's not to say that Craigslisters won't try to swindle you a 4-pack for a couple hundred. Beware. Still, at 8% ABV, Heady Topper often gets described as "the mead of the Gods." The unassuming can features a bearded man's head exploding with hops. Hint. The aroma hits like a shaved lawn (thank the abundance of hops), the mouthfeel is sticky, creamy and the flavor offers a formidable bitterness, balanced by a punch of floral.


As one commenter noted, "Believe the hype." 

While the Waterbury cannery closed it's doors to the public last November, due to the unmanageable stream of visitors, you can find out what establishments carry Heady Topper here. Good luck.