April Fools? Burger King Motel is the Place to Go to Cheat On Your Big Mac

BK Motel

Every kid at some point dreams of living in a fast food restaurant. Who wouldn't want burgers and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner? While it's probably a cheeky April Fools joke, it looks like that dream got a little closer to becoming a reality for some folks in New Zealand. An ad agency took a humdrum New Zealand motel and turned it into a Burger Kin-themed pop-up called Burger King Motel.

BK Toiletres



The idea was to promote their new chicken Tendercrisp Burgers by creating a place BK customers could frequent to "cheat" on the McDonald's Whopper. The motel was decked out with everything from Burger King bath robes to branded toiletries. They even had their own room keycards. Unfortunately, the only thing you can't do at the Burger King motel is sleep because the beds were taken out and replaced with dining booths for visitors.


Motel BK

Please be real.