Minibar App Will Deliver Booze Right to Your Doorstep For Free

booze crate

New York has been hit pretty hard with snow over the last few weeks. In those chilly conditions there's only one acceptable way to warm up, with booze of course.

Residents who are snowed in or just don't feel like braving the cold can have their alcohol delivered to them free of charge thank to a new app called Minibar. The premise is simple: type in your area code, pick your poison and pay. Your spirits are delivered in 60 minutes or less with no delivery charge.

The app only offers you spirits that are available at stores in the area and strictly offers wine and liquors, no beers yet. Sorry dudes.


Though the app seems like an easy way for those underage Brooklyn hipsters to get their booze on don't worry, the delivery person will card you upon delivery. If you're under 21 and still thinking about trying to sneak a drink be forewarned that you'll be subjected to a $20 restocking fee for trying to cheat the system, oh and you still won't get your alcohol. Womp.

Right now delivery is available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the app is free to download on iTunes so if you have an android you better make friends with an iPhone toting pal if you want to get in on this.