This Cheeseburger Has a Bun Made Entirely of Fries

Fry Bun

Tired of plain hamburger buns since your doctor won't let you have anymore bacon-weave ones? Luckily, this burger bun is made entirely out of french fries pasted together to conform to your cheeseburger needs.

Nick from Dude Foods found a bag of frozen french fries at his local grocery store, then sifted through the batch, finding the straightest handful of fries he could. Next, using an edible adhesive (essentially tasteless, save a slight lemony flavor), he glued the fries together and used a knife and glass to cut the fry-patty into a circular shape. At this point all he had to do was add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a burger.


Yes, it's a bit more work than just going to the store and buying some hamburger buns, but if we kept that mentality then we wouldn't have bacon-weave anything.

Picthx Dude Foods