How to Unroll an Orange Instead of Peeling It [HACK]


The task of eating an orange is messy and usually ends in peel under your fingers nails,  a hotmess of orange flesh and tears. Luckily, we've discovered the most ingenious hack by Sara of JewelPie that shows us how to unpeel an orange in 4 easy steps.

Simply chop off the top and bottom of an orange. Try not to cut too deeply, as you want to avoid mussing up the juicy flesh inside. Next, cut a vertical slit into the side of the orange from top to bottom, then unroll it in one accordion-like strip.


Although Sara uses a mandarin in this demonstration, it works on other varieties as well, such as navel oranges, cara cara navels etc. While you unpeel an orange like a boss, check out how you've been eating cupcakes and apples wrong too. I know, we're such know-it-alls.