Fake Kid's Menu Includes Lunchables Charcuterie and Sous Vide Pop Tart


Lil' Buco is hands down the chicest fine dining restaurant for kids. Unfortunately, the brains behind Lil' Buco in Austin, TX pulled a fast one on us and created an adorably creative fake website for their restaurant.

Although the joint isn't the real deal, its website is still pretty convincing. The menu features kid-friendly dishes like bologna tartar on a Pringle, Lunchables charcuterie, a hot dog with ketchup reduction and sous vide Pop Tart with cereal-infused milk. Adding to its authenticity are pictures of the fancy shmancy plates:


Lil' Buco also offers curbside parent pick-up/drop-off, has ballpit seating and it's open from 4 pm to curfew.

Picthx Lil' Buco