Provocative New Pomegranate Move Will Shed ALL the Seeds In Seconds [WATCH]

pom-half (2)

Pomegranates are one of the trickiest, yet tastiest fruits to eat. On the one hand they bear marvelously sweet arils, edible pulp, surrounding tiny seeds. On the other hand, getting to these yummy red capsules can be like scouring for the Holy Grail.

The troublesome situation usually involves gnawing at a split pomegranate with our teeth, inevitably eating the bitter white flesh by accident, and/or tediously picking each aril out one by one. Turns out, the solution to "de-seeding" a pomegranate involves a quick flick of the wrist, or, ahem, spank.

Smack-dat-pom (2)


Like learning to eat an apple correctly, there's a way to make the most of your pomegranate.

Watch the process in action below:

The key to getting all the seeds out is to spank it with a solid mallet (wooden or metal) and to make sure you tap it around the perimeter of the fruit. They should all come out unharmed and ready for feasting. Enjoy!