New Cronut Online Ordering Lets You Evade the Massive Lines


For those of you who thought the cronut was just a phase that's already had its day in the sun, think again. The cronut is back thanks to the new online pre-ordering system, which allows you to order cronuts online two weeks in advance. Unfortunately, this service doesn't include shipping; you still  have to physically pick them up at the store. Life is hard sometimes.


The man behind the madness (genius?) of the cronut is French pastry chef Dominique Ansel, the inventor of this croissant-doughnut hybrid that has stolen the heart of many New Yorkers/the world. The online pre-ordering system is designed to spare the poor bakery staff from spending hours a day jotting down cronut orders by phone, email, carrier pigeon.

Similar to the phone system that's already in place, the online system  starts accepting orders each Monday starting at 11 am and allows you to "reserve" up to six cronuts for pickup two weeks from the date you ordered. The first execution of this system took place on Monday and the cronuts sold out in about a minute. Say what?! The good news is (don't cry yet), the site opens every Monday for this service, so you still have plenty of chances to get in there before the holidays.


The price per cronut is $5 (pre-tax) and can be pre-ordered via the following link.

H/T Gothamist + Picthx NY Serious Eats