Momofuku's Thanksgiving Croissant is an Entire Thanksgiving Dinner Rolled up in a Pastry

Thanksgiving Croissant_edit

Oh New York, how you tease us so. How is the rest of the country supposed to compete with the likes of Cronuts and Bantams? Now you have Thanksgiving Croissants? It's just not fair.

November officially marks the return of the Thanksgiving Croissant at Momofuku Milk Bar. Think buttery flaky French pastry meets a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. The croissant is made with celery salt to give it that savory stuffing flavor but it's what's inside the pastry where things get even more delicious. Wrapped up in this genius creation lies a surprise of traditional Thanksgiving fixin's including turkey meat layered with sweet cranberry sauce and creamy gravy. *drool*


This portable holiday dinner is available for $4.50 through the month of November at Momofuku Milk Bar. To get that authentic "I'm so full I can't even button my pants" Thanksgiving feeling we recommend you stuff your face with at least 4 of these seasonal treats.

H/T + PicThx Eater