Edible Q-Tips and Earwax Make for a Questionable Appetizer

Dirty Pesto Q-Tips

The presentation of any given dish can have a big effect on its appeal. Cupcakes, for example, are obviously delicious, but would you eat a sugary maggot version? What about mozzarella and pesto disguised as Q-tips and ear wax?

Dan over at The Food in My Beard is known for concocting innovative food combos (see: Burgerrito), but his latest creation takes the classic mozzarella + pesto union and presents it in an ingeniously gross fashion; the mini cheese balls are edible Q-tips and the pesto (in an ear-shaped bowl, of course) is basically dippable ear wax.


If you're in the market to make a deliciously gross appetizer for Halloween, Dan's recipe takes just minutes to whip up. Check out how it's made (starting at 6:45) in the video below: