This Magic Box is the Microwave of Beer Brewing

PicoBrew Zymatic

Brewing your own beer is a cool hobby to get into, but it's pretty easy to mess up and it requires a decent amount of space. But if you're a beer fan and are a little wary about both factors, there's PicoBrew Zymatic.

This tabletop system is a compact, highly efficient brewing appliance that makes beer at the touch of a button. All you have to do is choose a brew recipe and input it into the Zymatic (where the action happens), add the necessary water, hops and grains, slide filters into place and voila -- a fresh batch of beer is underway.

After brewing completes just 3 1/2 hours later, the unfermented beer must sit in the keg for about a week until drinking can commence. And get this -- if your new brew is tasty, Zymatic keeps track of recipes so recreation is easier than ever.

PicoBrew Zymatic is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. Getting the whole system will set you back a cool $1,600, but if you go in on it with a few friends, you'll have a home brewski party in no time!

PicThx PicoBrew Zymatic