'Garlic' Black Beer Tastes Like a Bottle of Dumplings


Beer and Japanese food go together like, well, beer and Japanese food. But if you're fiending for something beyond the old Kirin-Asahi-Sapporo, maybe you should consider giving this "garlic beer" a shot.

Our favorite Japanese bloggers Rocket News picked up a bottle of Aomori Garlic Black Beer for testing (and presumably not vampire-fighting) purposes a few days ago. The Aomomi Prefecture is known for its garlic production and the drink gets its flavor from extracts of their renowned fermented black version. As for the beer itself? Tastes "just like regular beer" apparently -- until the great, "mighty cloud" of raw garlic flavor rises up and punches you (and all your dinner-mates) right in the uvula.


Knock back with a bowl of rice and Smell-o-Vision smartphone meat for a delicious, if mildly under-nourishing and stinky, meal. Yum.